Team Stores

What is a team store?

A team store is a private webpage full of customized apparel that you can share with your team, friends, family, and fans.  The store will stay open for a set amount of time, and your team earns a portion of every purchase.

A team store is the best way to raise money, self-fund, or grow support for your sports team!  Whether you're raising money to travel to competitions, celebrating a big championship win, or just want to give your fans the opportunity to wear the team colors, opening a team store is the right option!

What are the benefits of a team store?

Opening a team store allows you to earn a portion of every purchase without having to deal with the printing process, delivery, organization, or design.  It also allows you to raise money for your team without paying for anything upfront.  IT'S A WIN-WIN!

How do I apply for a team store?

All you have to do to apply for a team store is email us at with your name, role on the team, location, and a quick description of who and what your team is and we will get back to you asap!